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Greg Zola’s musical universe is all-inclusive and constantly expanding. As a solo act, he creates delightfully warped tunes that evoke anxiety as much as they do nostalgia. His debut album "Everybody Scares Me a Little Bit Now" is a mini power-pop opera for the end of the world. The record features nihilistic lyrics that would fit on a Lou Reed track, disguised by infectious melodies reminiscent of Animal Collective and Prince.

Bolstered by glitchy guitars, poppy synths and boyish vocals, "Everybody Scares Me" is a testament to Zola's ability to push musical boundaries and explore new sonic textures. 


After cutting his teeth in Chicago and Milwaukee, Greg Zola is based out of NYC.

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Outside of his solo career, Greg is a prolific producer and songwriter for other artists, lending a hand to completely different musical worlds. He blends a working class ethos with avant-garde sensibilities, and aims to demolish the line between high and low art in the spirit of Keith Haring.


On the one hand, Zola has produced surrealist punk rap bangers for Zelooperz (Can't Fill Your Tank), as well as chopped up vintage soul loops for Bruiser Wolf (Dope Boy). On the other hand, he lended instrumentation to soft indie rockers like Sydney Dalessi (Charlie, Somebody's Brother) and produced synth pop for Natalie Toland (Don't Make Me). His works have been noted in publications such as Pitchfork, Stereogum, Rolling Stone, the Fader, and Brooklyn Vegan




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